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After doing over 400 hours of research, and the extensive journey to open our business, we are proud to say….We are here for you! Locally owned – Family operated… We are as green as we can be, using the best products available for your shed or portable buildings while maintaining a lower cost than the franchise companies. 

Our Story....

From a young age, we learned the old-fashioned values of hard work, honesty and business acumen. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, PawPaw, Mawmaw taught me a lot about all of this.
Pawpaw (on moms side) bought us (well really him) woodworking tools that started my own interest in crafting items from wood. He was the one that peaked my interest in building items from nothing.

Mom remarried so I was able to learn a few things from more than 1 dad.
My parents started a remodeling business and I loved the demo part of it, because what other 8 year old could go with their parents and bash a wall of sheetrock with a hammer and not get in trouble for doing it?!
Mawmaw (on dads side) would support my decisions and buy me pieces of wood and polyurthane and old calandars, I would cut the pictures out and “Glue” them onto the wood and seal them with clear poly when I was 8 years old.

Growing up sitting inside was not allowed if the sun was out, which at the time I didn’t really like but once I started getting older it made sense and we had dang sure made sure that we were back inside before the outside night lights had came on.

We started driving big farm tractors at a very young age, almost before we could reach the brakes! At 14 I went into homeschool and while sitting at home everyday I was bored, even after completing all of the household chores like tending to our farm animals, trash duties, dishes, school work etc I couldn’t find anything else to do except dig up trees, build styrofoam boats, remote controlled cars out of my parents check book boxes and old motors I had found from old toys that didn’t work and play guns out of cardboard and rubber bands. I walked 3 miles down the road to a horse farm and had started working there for $50 per week, mending fences, caring for over 30 horses and 250 acres and of course fishing in the 12 acre pond.


Dad also gave us the freedom to try our hands at other projects. We helped him fix and build things around the farm, helped Mom with repair projects at home and built things into the house, and also learned a bit of mechanic work because I come from a family of “we do it all ourselves, why pay anyone else to do it”

By the time I was 18 I had experience in Tig welding, ASME hydro-testing, sandblasting, painting, operating heavy equipment, training horses, running a small farm, building fences and barns, porches and cabinets plus I was in a volunteer fire dept.

Lacking the people skills I forced myself to go into a service job and outside sales (installing and selling a satellite tv service) and quickly was in the top 2 sales spots weekly jumping from 1st to 2nd.
( I made the contact that got me the job after diagnosing my parents tv issue before the service tech had gotten there)

After that I had jumped around a little bit, opening several businesses all which wound up not working out after a year or two and I had went to work selling mobile homes, and as we all know there is always storage issues with mobile homes which prompted me to look into storage options for my customers.
I started referring customers to a big chain storage shed company and after sending a customer to them that spent over 40k cash, they stopped taking care of my customers like I would. I had made a few contacts in that industry and I would buy used units, fix them up, and resell them as a side business, then I decided  it was time to get a DBA and tax paperwork.

SSB first few buildings were built in my parents driveway and backyard, paying them to do it while I would be at my full time job, and very soon realized that I was on the right track and had roots growing deep and that it was time to find a shop.

After about a month of searching for someone that would give me a chance I finally found an individual that leased me 500sq ft, it was just enough to store materials in out of the weather.
Within 3 months we went to 1,000 sq ft November 2017 the mobile home company and I parted ways, after learning valuable information on the sales and manufacturing side I went full time as a Storage Shed Manufacturer and retailer using my knowledge and experience in the Mobile home industry and bringing it to the backyard building industry.

Finally my love for math was put to use! Even if it was basic math.

After I was in the shop daily we quickly needed to expand again, we then took on 1,500 sq ft and after 6 months started making plans to add an additional 1,500 sq ft production bay, but finally after almost 2 years in that location we found a shop that was 4 times the size of what we were leasing, and went from ½ acre to 10 acres!

Going into our third year in business we have grown by at least 40% yearly, and this year we plan to double our business and produce 250 backyard units.

We currently have 2 retail locations and 1 manufacturing facility, and a wholesale contract. By 2019 year end we plan to open a 3rd retail display location.

A special thanks to:
My parents, grandparents, and friends that have supported me along the way of this journey.
As well as the relationships that have failed for making me stronger and the one that has stuck it through the ups and downs with me of business ownership.
All of my past, present and future customers and a big thanks to the people that deal with me on a daily basis in the shop and call me boss man.
We would not be where we are Today or where we are headed without everything falling into its own place for a reason.

David Carr, Owner